Sponsor a Family or Orphan

£ 120 Sponsor Family Abdul Rahman 1 month (2 Adults 3 Kids)

The family of Abdul Rahman consists of the Father who is a Faqih and the Mother who is a Quran teacher. They have 3 young children under the age of 8. Due to their living circumstances they are extremely poor and rely on the community to provide them with food and to cover the cost of their bills.

The father does not receive any finance from the government as he is the Faqih in a small village outside of the city.

£120 Sponsor Family Ahlul Rashid 1 month (2 Adults 4 Kids)

The family of Ahlul Rashid consists of the Father and Mother with 4 young daughters. The father suffers back problems from a previous injury. He works in the local Jammiya fixing audio settings and speakers, mostly relying on the community to favour him with some work to receive a payment. His wife cant read or write and is currently very ill with gall bladder stones and requires immediate surgery as of January 2019. They have 4 young daughters from the age of 13 to 2 years old.

3 of their daughters attend school and require school items

£150 Sponsor Family Abdul Samii 1 month ( 1 Adult 3 Kids)


The family of Abdul Samii consists of the Mother and 3 young kids from the ages of 15 to 8 years old. They require tutoring as the kids don’t do well in school ( public education which is very poor. Private schools are expensive so private tutoring provides a better chance of passing in school)

Their Father does not provide their living costs or expenses and the sister is divorced from him.

£200 Sponsor Family Aziz 1 month ( 2 Adults 2 Kids)

The family of Aziz consists of a Father and Mother with 2 young kids under 3 years old. Aziz cant read or write and is reduced to selling tissues at traffic lights at busy intersections.

We would like to get £200 a month to cover his rent and help provide some ease with food and expenses including pharmaceuticals.

To help Aziz we would like to purchase a moped for him which costs about £800.
This would ease his affairs when getting from one place to another with his wife and kids.

£ 230 Sponsor family Ahmed

The family of Ahmed consists of a Father and mother with 4 young children under 15. Ahmed is recovering from open heart surgery and has since lost his job and unable to find new work ( he worked as a builder)

Ahmed was working as a builder until his right hand became paralysed due to heart disease as one of his artery’s is blocked and damaged.

Ahmed has 4 young kids and rents a small flat with 2 rooms ( 1 lounge room and 1 bedroom). He struggles to pay for his rent as he can’t work at the moment and is struggling to provide for his family and pay for his medicines.

If you would like to help Ahmed, he requires help in rent, food and medicine which totals to £230 a month.

Barrak Allahu feekum!