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Benefits : Aid in the cure of lung infections such as pneumonia, bronchitis, helps asthmatics and allergy sufferers. Boosts female fertility and fights bacteria/ Viruses. Aids cardiovascular health

Dosage: Asthma and Bronchitis

First 3 days take 1 teapsoonΒ  in 50ml of warm water 4 times a day ( increase the amount of honey by teaspoon if no relief isΒ  felt before the second dosage.) Then take the same mixture 3 times a day for 3 days then twice a day.

For Pneumonia

1 tablespoon in 80ml of water for 4 to 5 times a day forΒ  3 days then lower to the above dosage of 1 teaspoon in 50ml. 4 to 5 times a day continue for 1 week. Then take twice a day until all symptoms of cough or chest pain are gone.


Take 1/2 teaspoon in 250ml of water when needed.


1 teaspoon in 50ml of water 2 times a day for infertility and all other treatment related to honey.


The origin of Daghmous honey

Living in the highlands of the Atlas mountain range in Morocco, the resinous Euphorbia plant is distinguished by its appearance and its spring yellow flowers. It is sometimes used as an indoor decorative plant, despite the fact that it contains an irritant component in itself. It indeed contains a material (a kind of latex) which causes intolerance in the skin.

This cactoid, which can reach up to 1.50 meters in height, gives small fruits of round shape, and its flowers, particularly pretty, bait the bees, which come to forage within it, to give us at the end of the production process of honey, a surprising result.

The taste of Daghmous honey is quite particular: it is described as very strong and relatively bitter. It is said to be useful for the treatment of several problems and is locally used to treat:

Fertility in women

Asthma ( Chronic and Allergic)

Allergies and the allergic response

Digestive disorders

Pneumonia and Bronchitis


Cardiac Health

MRSA and Staph infections of the skin

Scar Health and healing after surgery

Our clear skin gel contains daghmous honey due to its antibacterial properties and is a huge acne fighter. Daghmous is great for stimulating hair growth too

But it is especially recommended, by its character and texture, for the treatment of sore throat and lung infections in winter or in cold periods when colds and flu are multiplying, known for its anti biotic affect and curing abilities Daghmous honey is also effective in intervening and acting in irritated parts of the body such as organs and bones.


Some illnesses require specifically using daghmous for the desired result not just a quality honey but generally speaking you can use daghmous honey for any of the desired results related to honey.

Recently in the past 6 years Moroccan Daghmous honey has come under the scope of some Drs who have started to test the amazing benefits of Daghmous especially in its treatment for Pnemonia and MRSA


Daghmous honey is a strong honey which is hot, it is safe for pregnant women and children in smaller dosages

Daghmous honey has been used in aiding digestion, cardiovascular health and even curing acne! this mirical honey can do it all, forget what you know about regular honey and consider trying something new too SPICE up your life!


Daghmous honey can be very spicey especially for young kids this is due to it being a ‘hot’ honey and is why it is so good at clearing infections especially those related to the lungs. We suggest drinking the honey as fast as you can because the correct dosage will give you a shudder down your back and goosebumps. Trust me πŸ™‚


The composition of Honey:

* 38% fructose
* 32% glucose
* 17% water
* 7% maltose
* Others: 3.5% (Vitamins, trace elements, flavoids, enzymes, pigments …)
* 1.5% of various sugars
* 1% sacharose


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