Sister Latifa Ahlul Rashid

Sister latifa is a mother to 4 young girls. She has been suffering from gall bladder stones for over a year.

Recently her case has become so severe and her health deteriorated as she can’t afford the appropriate diet to remain healthy ( gall bladder stones require a particular diet to avoid pain and to try prevent them becoming worse)

Latifa visited 3 doctors in a local hospital over the course of 8 months. Each doctor demanded she have surgery as she became aneamic and can’t afford iron sippliments and now due to this she has ” malnourished blood”

Her doctor of current has stated if she continues this way she will have organ failure due to how low her iron is and her health has deteriorated so severely that she weighs 52kg and is 5’6!!!

Subhan Allah, the sister has become very unwell and the doctor is fearing for her life.

Latifa is a close friend to us and a recent neighbour. At that time her daughters would come to one of our houses of the Al Masturoon team just to eat food as they would drink flour and water in a tea cup.

We ask anyone who is able to help our beloved sister Latifa with her surgery cost, medicine after surgery and healthy food expenses please consider if this was your sister, your aunty or your mother.

Surgery costs 7500 Moroccan dirham (£620)

After surgery medicines cost 700 dirham (£60)

Consultation for surgery and booking cost 600/dirham plus scan 200 dirham (£65)


Alhamdulillah latifa had her surgery and is greatful to all those who have helped her.

We are hoping to get some sponsorships monthly to help her and her family each month inshaAllah

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