Brother Aziz

Brother Aziz

Brother Aziz suffers a disability in his left leg that has caused a deformity which affects his daily life.

Aziz cant read or write and is reduced to selling tissues at traffic lights at busy intersections.

Aziz has a wife and 2 young children under 3 years old.

Monthly Donation

We would like to get £200 a month to cover his rent and help provide some ease with food and expenses including pharmaceuticals.

To Help Aziz

To help Aziz we would like to purchase a moped for him which costs about £800.
This would ease his affairs when getting from one place to another with his wife and kids.
Aziz cant ride a normal motorbike as he cant change gears with his feet and needs a scooter/ moped style one which is slightly more expensive.

To help our Brother Aziz and his family please visit our PayPal


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